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EN Setup multiple shipping providers in your shop

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Realtime shipping rates are calculated at checkout by a shipping provider based on the basket details. This helps you charge your customers the exact amount that a shipping provider such as USPS, DHL, or FedEx, will charge you when buying a shipping label.

Several Shipping Providers are available in ShopFactory. For example, if you're in the United States, you can add enable USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

For Canada, you can enable Canada Post and FedEx shipping providers. Or if you're in Australia, you can enable Australia Post.

When you setup realtime shipping rates, you need to enter accurate weights for each of your products to show accurate shipping rates for your customers at checkout.

You will need to enable the "Combine multiple shipping providers" option: 

- Open shop in ShopFactory 

- Click on the "Central" dropdown button (Properties) -> Select Shipping Charges 

- Select "Use a Provider"

- Click "Next" button

- Select "Combine Multiple Shipping Providers" - Note: you can still use this option even if you are only using one realtime shipping provider

- If you are setting up for the first time, you may need to enter your ShopFactory username and password -> then click "Next"

- Ensure you have entered the required fields accordingly i.e. select the correct weight unit, merchant Post Code/Zipcode is filled-in, merchant address if it is needed, etc.

-  To combine several shipping providers, tick each shipping provider in the setup dialog


-  Enter your account details for each shipping provider

-  Setup your shipping preferences for each shipping provider - tick all the shipping methods that apply to your merchant account.

-  Click "Save Settings" button

-  Preview your shop in External browser. Place a test order to check how shipping rates are calculated at checkout

IMPORTANT: Publish your shop again so that the changes are uploaded online.


Useful Shipping provider notes:

1) USPS shipping:

You need to sign up for a USPS WebTools account

Refer to our KB article,

2) Canada Post API shipping:

Note: You must contact Canada Post to set-up an online merchant access Business Account - they will direct you to do this online yourself through their website - it only takes a few minutes.

Then you can generate your API Keys: username and password.

This API username is NOT the same as your Canada Post "Account ID" nor the "Web Login ID" that you may have set-up already. Generate your api keys to get your api username and api password that you then setup in ShopFactory for setting up real time shipping rate calculations.

Note: “Customer Number” is your Canada Post Account Number

3) Sendcloud Shipping

Refer to this KB article, Setup SendCloud Platform in ShopFactory 

4. Setup DHL shipping

DHL integration:

You will need to contact DHL and get them to generate your Site ID. You need the DHL online shipping site ID 

Aside from the merchant DHL account number, you need to have the "online shipping site ID".

Please have your DHL Merchant account number handy when contacting DHL Support.

The DHL Account Number you have will need to be setup for API services. 

You will need to complete a similar form below so you get a DHL Site ID and password.

DHL will get back to you within a day or two with your Site ID and password.

- Enter your DHL Account Number, Site ID, and password provided by DHL integration team – and select the countries that you wish to ship to – see sample screenshot below:

5) Setup UPS shipping

Please refer to our KB article,