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Translate custom HTML page contents and custom website contents

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Translating custom HTML contents in your pages and products

Language Link add-on is available in ShopFactory Gold and Platinum plans. 

- Open shop in ShopFactory

- Click LANGUAGES menu

- Select "Translation languages" and tick all the languages you want to enable in your shop.

- From the language toolbar, you also need to enable "Copy Base Language Value". A border around it indicates it is ON.

If this button is set to ON, all items which have not been translated into another language, will have the texts in default language copied across.  

- At the left-tree menu, select the page you want to translate

- Click "Translate content" from the LanguageLink toolbar

- Click Translate button on the right column

- At the Page description/custom html contents/Custom website contents section, select Edit button on the right column

- Select "Custom Contents" tab on the top-left and below the tab, select the custom HTML area location 

*For your site-wide custom HTML contents, select "Custom Website contents" tab

- Translate the Custom HTML contents on the right column

- Click Finish 

- Click "Translate contents" button to go back to Normal mode