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Visitors can still access deleted products and pages online after I deleted them in my shop? - Base de conocimiento / Publicación de un sitio - ShopFactory Help Center

Visitors can still access deleted products and pages online after I deleted them in my shop?

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Thank you for reporting the issue you encountered. We appreciate your proactive approach in reporting, and we're here to guide you through the resolution process. Below are detailed instructions to address the issue you've described:

Issue Overview: When you delete a product in your shop, it goes to the recycle bin, and only when you delete it from the recycle bin does it get permanently removed from the shop. However, deleted items in the recycle bin are no longer accessible through normal navigation on your online shop. Despite this, product details may still be present on your hosting server and accessible via Google, which means your customers can still order the product(s).

Resolution Steps:

  1. Backup Your Shop:

    • Open your shop in ShopFactory.

    • Use the "File - Save As" function to create a backup of your shop by saving your website with a new name.

    • Close ShopFactory.

  2. Delete HTML and JS Files:

    • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your shop's folder.

    • Go to Runtime/contents/en-uk folder.

    • Delete ALL html and js (JavaScript) files in this folder.

  3. Restart ShopFactory:

    • Start ShopFactory.

    • Open your shop.

  4. Rebuild and Preview:

    • Go to Settings and click "Rebuild All."

    • Do a local preview of the site in an external browser.

  5. Regenerate Files:

    • In Windows Explorer, you will see that files in the runtime/contents/en-uk folder are regenerated.

  6. Publish Your Site:

    • Ensure "Publish All" and "Regenerate Search Files" are activated in the Publishing Wizard.

    • Publish the site, and all current pages and products in your shop will be uploaded with today's timestamp.

  7. FTP Cleanup using FileZilla:

    • Download and install Filezilla from

    • Open FileZilla

    • Click File -> SiteManager

    • Click 'New FTP Site'

    • Enter correct hosting details: (These are provided by your webhost)
      Port: 21 or as provided by your webhost
      Server type: FTP
      Logon type: normal
      {enter your hosting username and password}

    • Click Save.

    • Click Connect.

    • When you have connected, you can see two columns - the left one is your local site (your computer) and the right pane is the Remote Site (server).

    • On the right-hand side you see the contents of your online server

    • Open the Contents folder and then open the en-uk folder

    • Now you need to sort the listed items by date Last Modified, you can do that by clicking on the Last Modified column heading

    • Because we have done a clean up in SF and did a Publish All we can now delete all HTML and JS files in this folder that do not have todays date stamp.

    • Problem solved!

Additional Information:

  • If you regularly remove/hide products, use the "Cleanup unused files on server" option when publishing to automate this process for the current session.

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful resolution. If you encounter any challenges or have further questions, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your cooperation.