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Why images may not show in a shop after publishing? - Base de conocimiento / Publicación de un sitio - ShopFactory Help Center

Why images may not show in a shop after publishing?

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Here is a scenario why images may not show in a shop after publishing. This will usually apply to shops which have been created with older versions of ShopFactory prior to version 8 and which have been upgraded.

If images in a shop show in ShopFactory but not online, this may be related to the use of upper and lower case of the image names. I.e. on the server the images have upper and lower case but on the computer they don’t, and ShopFactory is looking for a name with all lower cases.

How can you check this?

FTP into your server if you can and check in your media folder ON YOUR SERVER and look a for a name of an image which is not displayed online such as


If it has any upper case letters in the name, then that is the problem.

Please then compare it with the same image name in the media folder on YOUR COMPUTER. That should be all lower case.

If this is correct, then the problem is that ftp will not upload the image because it already exists – even though the upper and lower case differentiates it. In your shop the image will not be shown, because ShopFactory looks for an image with only lower case in it.

The easy fix is then to simply do the following:
1: Make a copy of your media folder on your local computer and name it media1

2: Upload the media1 folder to the same location on your server where the current media folder is located

3: When upload is completed rename the live media folder to media-old

4: Rename the media1 folder to media

5: check your shop – you should now see all images

6: Delete the media-old folder

If something goes wrong, you can switch back to the media-old folder be renaming it back. You will for a very brief moment not have images in your shop – renaming the folders should only take a few seconds.