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How can I keep my OLD URL – to keep my rankings in search engines? - Kennisbank / Zoekmachine Optimalisatie - ShopFactory Help Center

How can I keep my OLD URL – to keep my rankings in search engines?

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These instructions describe how to make changes in your servers Control Panel—not in Shopfactory.(Each control panel is set up differently—so you need to become familiar with your specific control panel—these are general instructions)

Redirect URL Overview

The Redirect URL option allows you to change the file that appears when a user enters a specific file’s web address.


There are a number of old URLs for your site’s home page that are no longer current, yet people still use them. You don’t really want people going to those old URLs because either an outdated page will display or they’ll get an error.

Set up redirection for these old URLs, so that when users enter them into their web browsers, the file at your current URL displays instead.

How to Add URL Redirection:

  • From the Control Panel, select the Redirect URL option. The Directory Redirection Manager displays.
  • In the Directory field, select the Directory in which the file to which you would like to apply redirection resides.
  • Select the Load button. The Directory Redirection Manager reappears. Scroll down to the List of Redirections section of the screen.
    Note: Instructions for setting up redirection for files are included in the Redirection Manager once it reappears.
  • In the From field, type the name of the file you would like to redirect.
  • In the To field, type the filename (and path if in a different directory than the directory you initially selected at the start of this procedure) of the destination file of the redirected file.
  • Verify the correct filenames are listed in the appropriate fields and select the Redirect button.
  • The Redirection Manager screen reappears, listing the redirection you just added in the List of Redirections section of the screen.

Add redirection to other files by repeating this process.

Removing URL Redirection:

To remove redirection from a specific URL, open the Redirection Manager. Select the directory where the desired file is located. Then single-click on the Delete link located to the right of the file in the List of Redirections section of the screen. Redirection will be removed.