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EN-GDPR compliance: Show "Product Details" in secure Checkout page - Kennisbank / Pagina's en producten - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-GDPR compliance: Show "Product Details" in secure Checkout page

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To comply with the GDPR regulations, the product details must be displayed to your buyer during Checkout.

1: All products must have texts in the product introduction section

This can be achieved by adding the product details in the "Product Introduction" section for each product.

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the left-tree menu, select the page/department where products are contained (you can choose to switch to LIST mode for a quick view of all products in that department)

- Select a product -> click "EDIT PRODUCT" from the toolbar 

- In the "Introduction" textbox, enter a short description for this product 


*** Repeat above steps for all other products in your shop

2: Enable the "Show product details in checkout" option under Global Settings

- Click Settings menu -> select "Global Settings"

- At the left column, select "Settings for this Website" -> Miscellaneous

- Tick "Show  Product details in checkout" checkbox as shown below:


 - Click Ok.

- Save and publish your shop again.

When customers order from your shop, the "product introduction" texts will be displayed at the final checkout page.

Here's an example: