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Custom Navigation menu in ShopFactory: Top Navigation and Footer Navigation - Knowledgebase / Design and Customizations - ShopFactory Help Center

Custom Navigation menu in ShopFactory: Top Navigation and Footer Navigation

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Simplicity is crucial for website navigation. Navigation can be presented in many ways, from side bars to menu items in the header or footer sections. Navigation menu design is important at guiding users in the right direction to finding what they are looking for in the website. ShopFactory supports Top Navigation and Footer navigation menu aside from the default Navigation 1 and Navigation 2 menus.

Top Navigation menu

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click Designer -> Custom Navigation

3. At the left menu, select Top Navigation

4. Select the appropriate tab: Pages | Products | Internet Address | Title | Image

Page tab is preselected so you can just select a page i.e Contact then click ">>" button to add the page 

 5. A banner link pop up window will open -> Add image -> select image -> click OK

6. You will see the List of links added on the right side

7. Click OK



Footer Navigation menu

1. Click Designer -> Custom Navigation

2. At the left menu, select Custom Navigation 1 - select an option from the tabs: Page / Products / Internet Address / Title / Image

3. Click OK

***Repeat steps 3-4 for Custom Navigations 2 & 3



Adding 4th and 5th columns in Footer Navigation menu: Custom Website Contents - HTML area 5 and HTML area 6

- Click Central dropdown -> Custom Website Contents


- Click the + button and go into the Custom HTML dialog editor

***Repeat steps 2-3 for Area 6***