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How to edit "bank transfer" payment method names under Manual Payments - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

How to edit "bank transfer" payment method names under Manual Payments

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The ability to edit the bank transfer payment method name(s) only applies to any active/paid ShopFactory Total Care account and paid GlobeCharge accounts. A new feature in the payment methods setup wizard is to allow you to create/define your own manual payment method names for these "bank transfer" options.

Please refer to the steps outlined below:

- In ShopFactory, go toShopFactory Centraland click My Store and then select 'Select how to accept payments'(Or in previous version such as ShopFactory 10, click on Properties-> Payment methods accepted
- In the first screen of the Wizard make sure to tick the option: I want to approve some payment methods myself

- Then go to the next screen. You will find a list of payment methods there in the Manual payment section
- In the list of manual payments, you will find 5 other "Bank transfer" options. Notice that the payment method name is a text box in which you can enter your own payment name.


- NAB Australia

- Rabobank Netherlands

- payment in advance by PayPal

- Commerzbank AG Germany

- Tick the checkbox in front of the payment method name so a text box will appear in which you can add additional information for the buyer.

Change the payment method names accordingly.

-  Click Next

    You can sort the payment methods display by clicking on the up/down arrow buttons.

- Click Finish

- Save and publish your shop again so that the changes are uploaded online.