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Using eWAY to process payments in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Using eWAY to process payments in my shop

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1 - How to generate your API Key and Password:

Login to you MYeWAY account and simply generate an API Key and Password. 

Click on MY ACCOUNT -> select “API Key” option (see below screenshot) – You will need to copy and paste the credentials into the backend of ShopFactory.

- Click “Copy to clipboard” button beside the API key field

Refer to this link that will help users to generate the API Key or Password:

Merchants can also call or chat with eWAY Support 24/7 and they will be happy to assist with any support queries. 

2 - How to add your eWAY API Key and Password in your shop

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Central dropdown (Properties) -> Payment methods accepted ->

- The payment providers list shows up, enable the payment you want by ticking it. In this case, tick "eWAY" checkbox





- Scroll down the page and click NEXT to view the eWAY settings section

- Enter your eWAY merchant account details (Customer ID, API key and API Password, Currencies supported)

Note: if your merchant account is in testing mode, you need to put TEST before your Customer ID and your API Key

For example,

Customer ID: 91852270

API KEY: Y9802CBUjhVZAKUV5RfK65quOvGiKKkN0Sv9qCwByBYY740rsEc8zFScyj6KIUhGr18nZo

To use the testing environment, you will have to add TEST in front of the Customer ID, so it will be TEST91852270

And also add TEST before your API key, so it will be something like this TESTY9802CBUjhVZAKUV5RfK65quOvGiKKkN0Sv9qCwByBYY740rsEc8zFScyj6KIUhGr18nZo

- Click inside API Key box and press CTRL+V (to paste it - or right click within the box and select 'Paste')

Go back to your eWAY merchant panel to grab the API password as well.

- If you don’t have an API password yet, click on “Generate a new password” button and then click “Copy to clipboard” button beside the API password box.

- Now, go back to the ShopFactory interface -> payment setup wizard and then click inside API Password box and press CTRL+V (to paste it - or right click within the box and select 'Paste')

- Make sure you select the currency that matches ShopFactory

- Tick the crediit card types that you can accept with your eWAY merchant account.

- Click NEXT

(Note: You can sort the payment methods display by pressing the up/down arrow)

- Click Finish

- Save and publish your shop again so that the changes are updated on the server.

You can now accept orders and payments are processed in real-time via eWAY.