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Adding Paragraphs/Products as Linked Images - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

Adding Paragraphs/Products as Linked Images

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In ShopFactory, you can have image links using Paragraph/Product with column-display productloop style. This is commonly used to feature pages and products or add quick links to a category or a product. 

For example, on your homepage, you can feature products or categories that are linked to a specific page in the shop or to an external website.

This can be done by adding paragraphs with linked image using a column-display product style such as SFX-PAL, SFX-LITE, SFX-PIN

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the left tree menu, select the page you want to add paragraph links -> right-click and select a "Product/Paragraph style" -> choose any grid display such as SFX-LITE variation 1 -> click OK.

- Now, click on Add Product dropdown arrow, select -> "Add Paragraph

- Select the image you want to use for your paragraph

- In the product properties, locate the image editing toolbar and click on the “Link to another page or website” button

- Select whether you are linking within the shop (Place in this website) or externally (Internet address)

- If you want to link to a page in this shop, select the page on the left-tree menu and then click OK.


*Repeat above steps for all other paragraph links.

- Save and preview your shop in external browser

The output should look something like this, where the paragraph images are actually linked to other pages in the same shop: