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EN-How do I enable Affiliate Reseller Tracking in ShopFactory? - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-How do I enable Affiliate Reseller Tracking in ShopFactory?

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Create a personal store address for your customers who sign up to your affiliated reseller program. Reward them with a discount (Level 1 commission) on their future purchases via their personal store address. Encourage them to generate an extra income stream, by sharing their own personal store address around. With friends, colleagues and even total strangers. By any means possible.

Affiliate Tracking service is included in ShopFactory Gold and Platinum plans with SF Cloud service.

Affiliate commissions service uses the same option as 'Reseller Tracking' in ShopFactory under Services menu. To enable Affiliate commissions tracking service, please refer to the steps provided below:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory.

- Click Services menu-> Reseller Tracking (a tick mark will appear on the left side if this option has been enabled)

To be able to integrate Affiliate Tracking service in your shop, ensure you have already enabled "Reseller Tracking" option in your shop – see above.  

Setup Affiliate Tracking in ShopFactory Cloud backend (Total Care)

- Open shop in ShopFactory

- In ShopFactory Central page, click My Orders button

- You will be directed to the SF Cloud interface.

- Enter your Shop URL / website address by clicking on Account > Account > ShopFactory Store address

- Click Save

- Click Marketing -> Affiliates & MLM

- Click Settings

- At the Affiliate Reseller Settings window, enter the required information 

  • How to Pay Reseller - choose the Payment Period (Period between commission payments), How to Pay Reseller (PayPal, send a cheque, bank transfer), and Minimum Payment (Define the minimum payment amount before you will send out a payment to a reseller).
  • How to Calculate Payments - Settlement Period ( Time which must pass after a sale before commissions are paid), Security Period (How long a percentage of the commission is held in trust to cover charge backs and product returns -Security Deposit), Security Deposit withheld (The percentage of commission held in trust to cover charge backs and product returns), Minimum Sales for Downline (Reseller must sell at least this amount during a payment period to receive his percentage of the downline commission)
  • Settings: Commission and Downline Level
  • Banner Ad Image URL – you will need to upload an image for your Banner Ad to your web server using a third party FTP (i.e. FileZilla or CuteFTP) and the complete URL should be specified in this section. For example,

- Click Next

Your Affiliate Resellers will need to insert the code displayed in their website.

Setup your website to allow customers to become affiliates

If you want your customers to sign up as an affiliate, add this html code to your website.

Adding the "Affiliate Signup code" in your ShopFactory website:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Central dropdown button -> Custom Website Contents 

- Click on the + button to add a new custom html then click the Edit (pencil icon) to open the custom html dialog

- Select the custom html then edit (or double-click to open it)

- Paste the "Affiliate reseller signup link code" in the content area

- Select location and click OK > Finish

- Save and preview your site. This will add the "Become a reseller" link into your site that your customers can click to Signup as affiliate. 


- In ShopFactory Cloud interface, click on Settings then choose Affiliates -> Add Affiliate 

- Click Marketing -> Affiliates & MLM

- Click  Settings   -> Add reseller

- At the Add Reseller page, enter the necessary details: 

  • Account Set-up
  • Company Details
  • Commission Settings
  • Shop

- Click Next 

- The Affiliated Reseller Program section will be displayed. As part of the Affiliated Reseller Program, you must place one of the following approved banner ads on your website for each shop. Open your HTML file in a text editor or your favourite web editor. Find the part of the HTML which relates to the place you want your banner ad to be located. You need to copy the text provided and paste it into your HTML document. Copy and Paste the html provided in the text area for the banner you have selected. For example, 

where, sx-3355-bn is the affiliate username, so use your own affiliate there  and - is the shop URL (or your website address)

If you want to use an image for your banner you can add the location of the image in the Banner Ad Image URL field during affiliate setup.
The html code will include img src tag. The banner image must be uploaded to your hosting space for it to display correctly.

*The html code above can be used by your affiliate in his/her website.


To setup the Email message that will be sent out to your Affiliate Resellers when you add them

- Click Marketing -> Affiliates & MLM -> Settings -> Email Settings 

To setup the Email message that will be sent out to your Affiliate Resellers when you add them 

- Click Services -> Affiliate Reseller -> Email Settings 
- Enter your valid email address (as a merchant).
- Enter your email message. If you support different languages in your website, choose each of the language and type the message in that language.
-  Click Finish
***To view all your Affiliate Resellers: click Services -> Affiliates -> Home. 

Ensure that your affiliates use their affiliated link so that the orders placed on your website are tracked – affiliates will generate commission for each paid order. In the above example, the affiliated link is so your affiliate will give out this link to generate commissions.  


The regular Billing period is from 1st of the month until 1st of the succeeding month.

For example, (01/Oct/2020 - 01/Nov/2020)  

So if an affiliated order is placed on the 18th October, then this will be in this billing cycle:  (01/Oct/2020 - 01/Nov/2020)  

The PAY AFFILIATES section will be auto-populated every 2nd of the month so you look at paying affiliate commissions every 2nd of the month.

More importantly, the Billing ID shows the associated orders and the commission earned for each affiliate order which makes it easier to track.