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Payment Settings if you have a FREE Total Care/GlobeCharge account

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If you have purchased a licensed version of ShopFactory and your paid Total Care service is running out - then you need to ensure you update your payment settings to ensure you are PCI-compliant and you're able to process orders properly. Please also check that the realtime payment provider you are using is supported in the Free Total Care account.

All your orders will be emailed directly to you – so you have to rely solely on the "Order Notification emails" that you receive as a merchant – your shop orders will no longer be stored on our secure server. Also, all the paid Total Care services can no longer be accessed such as Membership Management Service, Reseller discounts, Vouchers, etc. If you are hosting with ShopFactory, please ensure you signup for a hosting account with another hosting company and publish your shop using your new hosting details. (If you have delegated your domain - you will also need to update the DNS to point to your new hosting server.)

Are you manually processing Credit Card Payments? - PGP encryption must be enabled

While ShopFactory and Total Care/Santu/GlobeCharge are PCI compliant solutions, merchants have been using the free secure order processing service we provide to accept credit card details in an unencrypted form. This is not PCI compliant. Due to the PCI regulations put in place by credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery, and others, we can no longer send credit card details to merchants in an unencrypted form.

From October 14, 2009 onwards your customers will no longer be able to provide credit card details to you, if you have not enabled PGP encryption in your shop.

You can find information on PGP here: as well as on Wikipedia

What are your options?

1. ShopFactory V10/V11/V14 uses Total Care/Santu secure order processing when you setup the payment methods you want to accept in your shop.

For old version users, you can use SalesManager with your ShopFactory software. The free PGP add-on for SalesManager is automatically installed if you are using the current ShopFactory release and start using it before October 14, 2009. You will then be able to continue using this free Service and receive order emails in encrypted form.

2.If you have ShopFactory V11, SalesManager add-on is no longer supported. You will need to either use a realtime payment processor to process credit card payments on your behalf i.e. PayPal -- Or, you can use a third party PGP.

Download PGP from any of the available sources and install it, to use PGP without SalesManager.  To use PGP with ShopFactory, you have to copy the public PGP key you are generating into ShopFactory when setting up your payment methods. You will then receive your emails in encrypted form (and you will not be able to decrypt them, if you lose your private key).

Alternatively, you can use an open source - GPG for Windows.

You can download and install this open source application and then generate your public key. You need to insert this key in the Payment settings - PGP section. Preview your shop and place a test order. The order notification email will be encrypted and you can decrypt this by clicking the "Decrypt" button of Kleopatra (GPG).

Publish your shop once you have confirmed these are all working.

3. You can reactivate the Total Care service or signup for a paid Total Care service with Online Order Management to continue to manually process credit cards in a PCI compliant environment

4. Upgrade to ShopFactory rental plan, which includes Total Care service. Clickhereto find out more about ShopFactory Total Care.

5. You can Sign up with one of the many supported realtime payment service providers to have credit card payments approved in real-time. And then set it up in your shop - Payment Methods Accepted.

Please check the complete list ofsupported realtime payment service providersin ShopFactory: