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Setting up taxes: How do I set up taxes for selected products only? - Knowledgebase / Shipping and Taxes - ShopFactory Help Center

Setting up taxes: How do I set up taxes for selected products only?

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I need to charge my customers tax but only on some of the items I sell. Some of my products do not have to be taxed. How do I do this?

Setting up taxes is very simple and all you need to do is to follow the steps through the tax wizard.

Part One: Setting up the tax:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory, click -> Central

2. Select TAXES in the drop-down menu.

3. This will open the tax wizard dialog


4. Enter the tax details 

Name of Tax - you need to enter the name of your tax e.g. GST, VAT, MwSt.

Enter the Tax Rate -  enter the applicable tax rate for your country.

5. Tax Applies To

Select the radio button ‘Create tax only’.

6. Where does the Tax Apply?

You will also have to choose the region you need to apply the tax to. This would be the country that you have selected in your Company Details prior to setting up taxes.

7. Click NEXT to progress to the next screen

8.  You can choose to display text with your product e.g. including tax. You can also select if you wish to show prices inclusive and exclusive of taxes and whether your price includes the tax or not.   Select the appropriate options and then Click on FINISH to go back to the ShopFactory editor.

Your Tax has now been created but has not been applied to any products yet, now you need to complete Part Two.

Part Two: Applying the tax to the product:

1. Select the Page your Product is located on.

2. Single Click on the Product you wish to add the tax to in the editing Pane (right hand side).

3. You will see a Product button, click on the triangle next to this to show the menu and Select Taxes from this menu


3. In the dialog box, select the tax you have created in the steps above and click OK to apply it to the product. 


4. Now Click the Ok button. This product now will have Tax applied to it.

5. Repeat Part 2 for every product that needs to be assigned Tax