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Setup Beanstream as supported payment processor in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setup Beanstream as supported payment processor in my shop

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1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click on Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted -> at the Service Providers list, tick Beanstream CA or Beanstream US checkbox, as shown in the below screenshot:

3. At the bottom of the page, click Next button.

4. Enter your Beanstream merchant details – enable the currencies supported i.e. US Dollars and Canadian dollars and then tick the payment methods supported in your account.

Note: New merchants receive their Beanstream login details including Merchant ID and Passcode for accounts that are in "Test" mode. Transactions processed through the test environment do not have monetary value and are free of charge. You should contact Beanstream Support to switch your account to the "live" mode.

5. Click Next button and click Finish to save the settings.

6. Save your shop project and then click on 'Preview' ->  Preview in external browser -> place a test order in your shop to ensure checkout can be completed.

7. Go back to 'Normal' mode and publish your shop.

Your customers can now pay with Visa / Mastercard / American Express processed by Beanstream. They enter their credit card details on Page 2 of the secure checkout.

If you are still in the integration phase, you can use the following credit card numbers for testing purposes. These card numbers will not work once your account has been turned live.  
You may choose any expiry date in the future to use with these test card numbers.
Some test environments use a Canada Post search. As a result, if a card is used with a fictional address, the test will return as “declined.” We have provided one card of each type (see below) that contains a “real world” address. Tests using these cards will provide an “Approved” message.

VISA - Use with CVD 123 

  • 4030000010001234  Approved
  • 4003050500040005  Declined
  • 4504481742333  Approved for transactions less than $100/ Declined for transactions greater than $100
  • 4012888888881881  Approved Note: this card includes a real-world (as compared to a fictional) address. It will work in tests that reference the Canada Post database, for example.

New address:
2659 Douglas Street
V8T 4M3

MASTERCARD - Use with CVD 123 

  • 5100000010001004  Approved
  • 5100000020002000  Declined

AMEX - Use with CVD 1234

  • 371100001000131  Approved
  • 342400001000180  Declined