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Setup Special Products in ShopFactory Cloud and sell via Facebook

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Note: "Special Products" feature is ONLY applicable to ShopFactory Gold and Platinum Rental plans.

This feature allows you to add special products and add your store to Facebook.

Refer to this YouTube video:

How to setup

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the ShopFactory Central page, click on MY ORDERS button -> you will be redirected to the ShopFactory Cloud interface,

If you are in  the old ShopFactory Total Care interface:

- Click on SERVICES menu -> click on the "Special Products" sub-menu (top right).

- Select a product type you want to add
- In the ShopFactory Cloud backend interface, click on MY PRODUCTS to add the products that you want to sell in your Facebook store,

*If you have previously added products in Santu (SF Cloud), click on My Products to view or edit them.

 To integrate these Special Products into your Facebook page, follow the steps below:

=> Within the SF Cloud interface, click HOME menu -> My Sales Channels

=> At the left menu, select Sell via Facebook -> click the GO button

=> Click the "Go to Facebook app" button - you will be redirected to Facebook,

=> Login to your Facebook account and select your Facebook page - if you haven't created an FB page yet, then create one now (Refer to this link for more information on how to add a Facebook page,

=> Enter your ShopFactory (Santu) username
=> And then add a name for your Facebook page tab

Facebook Store app

"The Facebook Page Tabs feature is only available to FB Pages with 2,000 or more fans/page likes"

If your page doesn't have 2,000 or more followers then you CANNOT add a page tab for your store on Facebook. This is Facebook's policy.

=> Click "Do it now" button. You'll see a confirmation message: Tab was added to your Facebook tab -> Preview your FB tab

You can now start selling in Facebook!