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ShopFactory Cloud "Buy Now" Button and Embed Links

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Note: ShopFactory Cloud feature is ONLY applicable to ShopFactory Gold and Platinum Rental plans.

This feature allows you to add special products and integrate them in different media and platforms such as blog, existing website, Facebook, email, etc.

How to setup

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the ShopFactory Central page, click on MY ORDERS button -> you will be redirected to the ShopFactory Cloud interface

- In ShopFactory Cloud backend interface, click on MY PRODUCTS to add/view the products that you want to integrate,
Refer to the KB article for more information on adding products to your SF Cloud store, 

Adding a pop-up shopping cart to your existing ShopFactory shop:

=> Within the SF Cloud interface, click HOME menu -> My Sales Channels

=> At the left menu, select "Use Buy now buttons and links

Important: Add the script for pop-up shopping cart in your ShopFactory website (it can be added website-wide or on a page html).
This function allows customers to stay on your site when they add products to your shopping cart or search for a product.
Your pop-up shopping cart complies with pop-up rules and will NOT be blocked by pop-up blockers.
To make this work you must copy the pop-up shopping cart code and add it to your web-site or blog pages.

You can adjust the elements displayed in your pop-up or embedded store at Popup/Embed display.

In ShopFactory:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the left tree menu, create a page or go to the page where you want to integrate your ShopFactory Cloud products

- Double click on the page to open the Page Properties dialog

- Click on the "Add Custom Contents" at the left menu

- Click the + (add) button and then enter the html name and paste the actual script in the HTML content dialog

- You must select Area 3 or Area 4 at the Set Location field

- Then click OK

- Once the Popup shopping cart script has been added to the page (or website-wide HTML area), you can now embed the ShopFactory Cloud products in the page

  • Option 1. Add Paragraph
    • Right click on that page and select “Product/paragraph style...” -> select "SFX-PRA_RT1" (or choose any product style that you prefer)
    • Click on "Add paragraph" button and enter your Paragraph title
    • Go back to your ShopFactory Cloud interface and go to MY PRODUCTS page,
    • To get the buy now button and links for any product, click on its "Get Buttons" link on your "My Products" page.
    • Click on the button/link to select. Use shortcut keys to copy: CTRL / C in Windows 

- Go back to ShopFactory - "Product/paragraph wizard"

- Click inside the paragraph description section and press CTRL / V to paste

- Click OK

Other options:

- You can also copy the "Link address" (see above screenshot) and then use the "Link to another page or website" feature

You can even use the "QR Code" as a paragraph image:

- Go back to the ShopFactory Cloud Products page - Get Buttons - download the QR Code as a png image - then add this image as the paragraph image

- Save and preview your shop in external browser. 

  • Option 2. Directly paste the button/link into the page description section by clicking inside the page description section after copying from "My Products - Get Buttons" popup.

Refer to my sample page here,