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Cancel my ShopFactory Cloud subscription

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This article will show you how to close your ShopFactory Cloud subscription in Account -> Manage Subscription.

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. At the left tree menu, click "ShopFactory Central" page


3. Click on ShopFactory Cloud button. You will be redirected to the SF Cloud interface.

4. Click Account -> Account -> Manage Subscription

Simply click the "Close account" button and confirm you no longer need the SF Cloud services. Your ShopFactory Total Care subscription will continue to run until the expiry date. 


- If you purchased a ShopFactory Lifetime License version, only your "SF Cloud services" will be closed down. You continue to have access to the ShopFactory software without subscribing to the SF Cloud backend services.

Alternatively, you can login to using your ShopFactory Total Care account (username and password)

- Go to Settings menu -> Subscribed Services 

- Click "Close account" button

When you click on the close account button, a confirmation window will pop up. If this does not show, it is being blocked by a pop up blocker on your PC. You will need to temporarily disable/turn off the pop-up blocker to confirm that you wish to close your account.

- You will receive an email confirmation that your account has been closed. 

Are you paying for your ShopFactory subscription thru PayPal?

If you are paying via PayPal, you must cancel the active PayPal subscription. Login to your PayPal account and open the latest payment for your ShopFactory subscription -> go into the subscription panel -> cancel your PayPal subscription so that PayPal does not keep charging you every month even if you have closed your ShopFactory Cloud account.