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Publish my Shop locally and then upload using a third party FTP (i.e. publishing behind a proxy) - Base de conocimiento / Publicación de un sitio - ShopFactory Help Center

Publish my Shop locally and then upload using a third party FTP (i.e. publishing behind a proxy)

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If you are having difficulty publishing your shop using the internal publish function, please use the workaround below.

However, you need to contact ShopFactory Support and provide the exact error you are getting when publishing your shop. Our Support Team will request for the tracelog file to be sent to us so that we can have it analyzed and find out what's causing publishing to fail.

Publishing your shop to a local folder and then upload the files/folders using a third-party FTP application:

Important: Create a new and empty folder on your computer where you can publish your shop locally and take note of the folder where you published it, for example, add a new folder on your Desktop called "LocalPublish".

1. From the toolbar choose Publish => Publish your website on your Computer

2. You will get the Publish window, click on the Setup button

3. Click the Browse...button to choose the folder where you wish to publish to (you may need to create the folder using My computer first)

4. Click Ok

5. You will return to the Publish window. Keep the "Regenerate search files" check box ticked. If this is the first time you have published to your computer tick "Publish All" and then Click the Publish button.

6.If you need to upload the locally published shopfiles, you will need to locate that folder.

Open the third-party FTP (examples are FileZilla or cuteFTP) and enter your hosting details.

When you have connected to your webhost, upload the locally published folder into your server's Base directory.

All the files and folder inside the locally published folder need to be uploaded to your webserver.

Do you already have an FTP program (such as SmartFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, WSFTP, etc.) installed on your local computer? If not, you can download one and install it in your computer - (SmartFTP ( or FileZilla ( and try to connect to your hosting provider. In this instance, I will give you details on how to upload using FileZilla.

1. Open FileZilla.

2. Click File -> SiteManager

3. Click 'New FTP Site'

4. Enter correct hosting details: (These are provided by your webhost)


Port: 21 or as provided by your webhost

Server type: FTP

Logon type: normal



{enter your hosting username and password}

5. Click Save.

6. Click Connect.

7. When you have connected, you can see the two columns - the left one is your local site (your computer) and the right pane is the Remote Site (server).

8. On the left column, you need to locate your locally published folder and select it. COPY all the contents of the folder onto your server’s base directory


Turning on Debug Log

- Open your project in ShopFactory

- Click HELP menu

- Enable "Debug log"

- Now, go through the steps where ShopFactory gets an error i.e.publish the shop again

- Locate the debug log - it should be in the main project folder:ShopFactory V14 Websites\tracelog.log

By default, it is atMy Documents\ShopFactory V14 Websites\directory and then locatetracelog.login the folder. This will help our developer analyze what’s causing the error. SF Support will provide the steps on how to send this file.