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EN-Selecting a new website theme or switching to a new template - Base de conocimiento / Aspecto y personalización - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-Selecting a new website theme or switching to a new template

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Before changing to a newer theme, we recommend to always save a backup copy of your shop first in case you need to undo things or move a step back. To Save a backup copy of your shop, open your shop in ShopFactory and then click File -> Save AS -> enter shop-name_<date> and then save. Save the backup copy of your shop to a safe place either to an external storage device or thumb drive. 

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Designer -> Select website theme

- You can select your preferred template such as HOM-AA

Important: At the lower right corner, untick "Include Sample Data"

- Click SELECT button

- SFEditor prompt message appears, click -> Yes

- Your old template will now be replaced with the V14 SFX theme

1. Change Design Image

- Click Designer -> Customize Design

- Click over the header part -> Design Image 1 -> Add image

- Click Image icon

- Select the image that you want to use, click Open

- You have the option to apply it to the following:

  • all pages
  • pages using SFX-Home_1
  • this page only

- Click OK

2. Change background color

- Click Designer -> Customize Design

- Website -> Edit background color

- Choose your preferred color from the color palette

- Click Green checkmark icon

3. Price text adjustment

- Click Designer -> Customize Design

- Hover your mouse to the product price -> Edit text

- You can enter the value on the box or drag it until it matches to your preferred value

- Click Green checkmark icon