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Set up a "Free Shipping" promo code (Marketing Voucher) that only applies to specific products - Base de conocimiento / Descuentos - ShopFactory Help Center

Set up a "Free Shipping" promo code (Marketing Voucher) that only applies to specific products

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You can now setup a voucher code that is to limited to specific products or certain brand or department using Marketing Voucher function. You must have a ShopFactory Cloud account (paid subscription) to be able to use this feature.

In ShopFactory:

Products that you want to promote must have "Discount code (customers)" in Properties dialog.

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Double-click on the Product to open the EditView mode

- Click on Properties and locate the Discount code (customers) field 

- Enter your 'Discount code'

- Click OK -> Finish

- Enable vouchers feature under Services menu

- Save and publish your shop

SF Cloud Settings:

- At the left-tree menu, select ShopFactory Central page

- Click Marketing -> Vouchers


- You will be redirected to the SF Cloud interface,

- Click Manage Vouchers,

- Click the "Add" button and then select Marketing Voucher,

- Under Discount type, select Free shipping

- Setup your marketing voucher and enter the "Discount codes (customers)" you have entered in the shop - the code must match in both your shop and SF Cloud Marketing voucher setting.

- Click Publish to create/update this marketing voucher

- Place a test order in your shop with a combination of products that qualify for that promo code and other products that don't have any discount codes

- At the basket page, apply the voucher code (Only the products with that "Discount code" will be get Free shipping).

***NOTE: You can also use "product templates" feature to apply the same discount code to other products

- Copy any product and paste it in the Product Templates category

- Select the page where you want to copy the "Discount Code (customers)" to other products - then switch to LIST mode (Manage Products)

- Select the Product(s) -> right click to view the shortcut menu -> select Copy values from a product template to all selected products

- Tick the checkbox "Discount code (customers)"

- Click OK

- Save and publish your shop again.